This page introduces all of the stages of the LTCC Faculty Onboarding Process. More content will be added over time, so be sure to check back for all of the new resources related to being an LTCC faculty member.

Welcome From All of Us!

On behalf of all of the classified staff, administration, Board of Trustees, faculty, and students, let me welcome you to Lake Tahoe Community College. LTCC is a small but mighty educational institution that focuses on the highest quality of instruction that is student-centered at its core. As you begin the journey of teaching at LTCC, please feel free to reach out to any of us along the way.

FCTL Welcome

Hello and please accept my personal welcome to the LTCC Teaching and Learning Onboarding Experience. On behalf of all of the faculty, I would like to state our intentions to provide you with a useful and enjoyable experience at our college. My name is Scott Lukas and I am the Faculty Chair of Teaching and Learning here at LTCC. Please have a look at this welcome video.

The Onboarding Process and Beyond

This video (coming soon) explains the LTCC faculty member onboarding process. The process varies depending on the modality in which you teach (F2F, DE, or in ISP). As always, please reach out when questions come up. We are all here to help you and make the teaching journey as easy as possible.

Diverse Faculty Experiences

In this video (and text below), we cover some of the experiences that you might have as an LTCC faculty member. Please check out the video. 

Diverse Faculty Experiences

The LTCC faculty are united in many respects. We are all members of the LTCC Academic Senate (covering academic and professional matters) and all a part of the LTCC Faculty Association (the group, CTA/CCA, that represents us in workplace matters like salary, benefits, and working conditions). Throughout this LTCC Teaching and Learning Onboarding Experience, we will emphasize the many ways in which are all connected as fellow faculty members. At the same time, we do need to acknowledge some differences in our experiences, especially as these may relate to our onboarding efforts here at LTCC.

Some of the differences that we should acknowledge in our faculty experiences at LTCC include: 

  • The discipline in which we teach. We may teach in mathematics, political science, or in many other academic disciplines at the College. We might also occupy a faculty position in Counseling, Library Sciences, Distance Education, or other areas in which are primary duties are outside the classroom. 
  • The status of our employment. Some of our faculty teach full-time in the District, while others (a majority) teach part-time. Many of our LTCC full-time faculty once taught in a part-time capacity.
  • The experience that we have. Some of our current faculty have taught at the College for 10, 20, or even 30 years, while other faculty are just starting their teaching journey.
  • The unique personality and backgrounds that we exhibit. We all have our quirks and unique differences. Some of us drink our coffee black, some with milk, even others don’t dink coffee. We all bring unique experiences and backgrounds to our faculty positions.
  • The modality in which we teach or work. Some of us teach face-to-face classes, others distance education or in the incarcerated student program. The modality of our work can really impact the approaches that we take to our craft. 
  • The pedagogical styles that we use. How we approach our craft differs with the pedagogical styles that we appreciate and use. If we do not teach in the classroom, the approaches that we take to counseling or working with others also differ from one faculty member to the next. 

Whatever your experiences, we hope that you will reach out to your fellow faculty members for advice on your journey at Lake Tahoe Community College. 

LTCC Contacts

In addition to me in my role as Faculty Chair of Teaching and Learning, there are many others on campus who may assist you in the overall process of onboarding and the specifics of getting to know others at our college. For details about the offices, and contexts that could benefit your teaching or other faculty roles at LTCC, please refer to the LTCC 101 section on this site or Canvas shell. 

Key LTCC Contacts

Coming soon...

Discussions and Conversations

Part of the great joy of being an LTCC faculty member relates to the conversations that we have as fellow faculty. We will use this onboarding and training experience—whether you complete it on the Web at or in the Canvas shell—to have conversations about pedagogy, professional faculty matters, really anything that relates to being a faculty member at Lake Tahoe Community College. 

A number of the core modules or areas of the training will provide you with a focused discussion to talk about some of the videos, links, and content that you have considered. We will use these discussions to have conversations about these issues among our participant group. Consider these as opportunities to get into more depth about teaching and other professional matters of being a faculty member. We will also provide you with a Q&A discussion that will allow you to ask any questions that you might have. Good luck in your journey as a faculty member at LTCC!

Video coming soon…..